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We are #HealthyKodiak

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Healthy Kodiak is the KANA Community Health Department's

 community-centered health outreach and education initiative.

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KANA's Community Health Department works closely with community partners to collaborate and address community health needs.

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Our Goal

KANA's commitment to improving the quality of life of the people we serve is reflected in its Healthy Kodiak initiative.  Everything KANA's Community Health Department does is intended to promote the health and wellness of our community.   

Our programs address barriers to achieving health and wellness due to socio-economic factors including education, economic circumstances, access to quality food, mental health, physical activity, and relationships. 

We provide health education to our youth and access to supportive adults through partnerships with the school district and other youth-focused organizations.  We provide support for cultural programs and promote cultural-based family engagement activities and resilience building through partnerships with local Tribal partners.  We raise awareness, provide training, and connect people to resources on topics such as substance use, harm reduction, suicide prevention, diabetes, injury prevention, violence prevention, bullying, communication, nutrition, food security, subsistence, physical activity, and more.

Under our Healthy Kodiak initiative, we partner with other local organizations and individuals who share our vision and support a Healthy Kodiak.

Our History

In 2018, Healthy Kodiak was a single-day event hosted by the Kodiak Area Native Association (KANA).  At this event, our Island community was invited to come together to discuss, learn, and engage to address local community health and wellness challenges.  In 2019, we added hands-on sessions for participants to engage in activities that support health.


In 2020, the pandemic made it necessary to change how we safely engage with our community.  As a result, Healthy Kodiak shifted from an annual event to a year-round community-focused initiative.  We offered online contests, zoom workshops, and socially distanced activities to encourage healthy engagement.  We explored digital challenges, learning workshops, presentations, and socially distanced activities


As we continue through the rest of 2022, you will find a blend of in-person and digital engagement opportunities offered to  help our community continue to find it's health and balance.

Our Vision

To bring our like-minded businesses, organizations, and individuals together to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors through fun activities, events, and educational opportunities that are accessible to all.


We believe that we all contribute to the health of our community, no matter age, cultural background, gender, employment or economic status.


If that sounds like you or your organization, we invite you to get involved!

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