How To Play

Print or download a Clue Card*.  Use the clue card to mark off the clues you find along the trail. When only one option remains in each category, you have solved the crime. Then it's time to make an accusation (who the suspect is, what weapon was used, and the location of the crime)!

*You may need to open the device-friendly Clue Card in the Adobe Acrobat Reader app in order to check the boxes on your phone. If you are unable to print or if you prefer a hard copy, you can pick up copies of the Clue Card at the KANA Wellness Center Front Desk starting March 7th. 

Win Prizes

Kodiak Clue will take place over two separate weekends. Each weekend will feature a different trail where the game will take place. There are different outcomes for each game. You can play just one or play them both! 

Each For each game, you can earn up to three entries:

  • Correct Accusation= 2 entries

  • Bonus Selfie= 1 entry

Limit is one accusation per person per game. To earn the bonus entry, take a selfie while on the trail playing Kodiak Clue. Upload  your selfie to the submission form when you make your accusation​ to increase your chance to win!

Drawings will take place Tuesday following each game with the entries from just that game.  Thee winners will be drawn for each game.  Win one of three $20 gift cards to Iocal businesses! Winners will be notified by phone/email and announced on the Healthy Kodiak Facebook page. Game #1 the drawing is on March 22nd  and Game #2 drawing is  on March 29th.

Game # 1

March 19-20, 2022

Rotary Park Trails 
Near Island

Clues will be placed along the trail loop that begins at Rotary Park. There will be signs indicating the route. No signs will be placed on the hill leading up from the parking lot.

Accusation due: Monday, March 21 at 12pm

Prize Drawing: Tuesday, March 22 

Game #1 Route

Game # 2

March 26-27, 2022

Boy Scout Lake Trails

Find the clues along the trail between Boy Scout Lake and the Buskin Beach House. There will be signs indicating the route. Clues are found between the two yellow dots on the map.

Accusation due: Monday, March 28 at 12pm

Prize Drawing: Tuesday, March 29 

InkedGame #2 Route i_l.jpg
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