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Three Pillar Point Trail

Low elevation trail ending at a beach on Sheratin Bay!
Three Pillar Point Trail

Also known as the "plastic trail," this route connects Anton Larsen Bay to Three Pillar Point. Island Trails Network installed the geoblocking and bridges in 2010-2014. This multi-use out and back trail winds through spruce forest before ending at a beach. Please note that there is little to no cell phone service on this trail. Be sure to download trail maps in advance. Bear sign is common on this trail, so please be bear aware!

The Kuik Cache is around 0.7miles down the Three Pillar Point Trail. It is found at one of the bridges crossing a stream. It’s a black and clear Pelican case about the size of a paw print of a bear’s back foot. It's the second bridge down the trail. There’s a logbook with a pen along with a number of trade items. Earn an extra point by sending in a video of you saying the Alutiiq word, kuik. For translation and pronunciation click on the Alutiiq word button to connect to the Alutiiq Word of the Week page.

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