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Shelly Lake

One of the most picturesque Kodiak Hikes!
Shelly Lake

This popular hikes starts from the small creek trail at the end of Anton Larsen Road, just left of the Three Pillar Point Trail. From the creek this trail climbs through spruce forest and emerges into the Alpine. Please be aware of the long length of this out and back hike. The elevation gain is similar to Barometer Mountain. Know your limits and make sure you have appropriate gear. Be advised that there is little to no cell phone service. Be sure to download any routes in advanced. Be bear aware!

The Nunakuarluni Cache is a little tricky. It is a small cache with just a log so bring your own pen. It is at the very beginning of the trail to Shelly Lake. Can you guess why the cache was named nunakuarluni? Click on the Alutiiq Word button to learn more!

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