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Old Women's Mountain

The first climb of Explore the Rock is up Old Women’s Mountain!
Old Women's Mountain

This week’s high elevation hike takes you up Old Women’s Mountain and to the alpine lake. The trails starts from Aviation Hill and continues along the top of the mountain until you reach the lake. This is an old military road, so the trail is quite wide and obvious.

The Qiugyat cache is located on the trail up from Aviation Hill. Don’t forget to send us a video of you saying quigyat for extra credit! Pronunciation can be heard on Alutiiq Word of the Week.

If you want an extra challenge, consider an up and over hike of Old Women’s. Once you get to the lake follow the trail past the lake and down the Mountain. The trail will end at Burma Road. Take a left on Burma Road and continue down the trail. You will descend to Sargent Creek. The trail will end at a pullout that is just past the fairgrounds. This will require you to stage a second vehicle at this trailhead.

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