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North Sister

This up and over hike of North Sister starts up the backside!
North Sister

The backside of the North Sister is a more gradual climb that takes you up to the saddle between the North and Middle Sisters before climbing to the peak. Enjoy the views! On clear days you can see the snow covered mountains of the Alaska Peninsula.

Please note this AllTrails route was mapped when there was still snow covering the trail on the backside of the North Sister. There might be slight deviations from the trail due to this. If the route diverges follow the trail. The trail is obvious when there isn't snow.

The Qallqayaq cache is just a logbook, bring your own pen. It's a little ways up the backside trail to North Sister in a stand of trees near the wooden North Sister sign.

Want a bigger challenge? Consider hiking all Three Sister Mountains, the triple crown. To make a loop of it, start at the Monashka Bay overlook (where this hike ends) and hike up the North Sister. Follow the trail down the saddle and up the Middle Sister. Continue following the trail along the ridgeline to the South Sister. From the peak of the South Sister descend down the south east side and connect to the Three Sisters Bench Trail.

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