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Heitman Middle Bay Route

A short but steep hike!
Heitman Middle Bay Route

We are ramping up the intensity this week with our high elevation hike up Heitman Mountain from middle bay. The route is shorter in distance, but high in intensity. The trail starts in the brush, but it quickly opens up to the subalpine. As you climb, enjoy the beautiful views!

Keep an eye out for the Upqwingcuk Cache on your way up the mountain! This cache is in a small clear with blue trim Tupperware style container. Trade items, log book and pencil are inside. To learn how to say upqwingcuk, listen to Alutiiq word of the week.

For those who want an extra challenge, you can make this into an long trek continuing over the peak and following the trail down to Heitman Lake and finishing at the Heitman Lake trail head parking lot. This route will require a second vehicle staged at the Heitman Lake Trail head.

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