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Pyramid Seismic Trail

Take the Seismic Trail up and over Pyramid!
Pyramid Seismic Trail

This trail up Pyramid starts at at the seismic station which is located just off Anton Larsen Road a mile past the golf course. The trailhead starts at the yellow 25 mph curve sign. This route is a less steep climb up the south side of Pyramid. We've made this an up and over route that requires staging a car at the main Pyramid parking lot across from the ski chalet. Feel free to adapt to your abilities.

Once you hit the alpine, the seismic trail is less obvious. You will want to follow the east ridge line up towards the peak, keeping the ravine on your left. If you are unfamiliar with this trail, we recommend waiting for a clear day so you can follow the ridge. The main trail down pyramid is well established. The trail does braid a bit, but all routes will lead you back to the parking lot. Again this was mapped in early June when there was a fair amount of snow. Follow the trail and not the route if there are deviations.

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