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Choose Respect through Self-Care

Webster's Dictionary defines respect as having high regard or esteem for someone.  We often think of respect in relation to how we view others but don't always take the same approach to ourselves.  This self-care challenge is designed to help each of us take time to show ourselves the respect we deserve and remember that we matter.  Join Kodiak Women's Resource and Crisis Center (KWRCC) and Healthy Kodiak in developing these self-care skills this March.

Grow a Happy Plant Buddy

It's easy to participate in this self-care challenge.  You can complete and submit as many plant buddies as you want from March 21-31, 2022.


Get a copy of the Happy Plant Buddy Template:

  • Simply download the Happy Plant Buddy template by clicking the link on this page.  If you save the template as a photo on an iPhone, you can actually draw on your photo and create your Happy Plant Buddy 100% digitally.


  • Not tech saavy? Pick up a hard copy at Kodiak Women's Resource and Crisis Center (KWRCC) or the KANA Wellness Center.

Next, draw a stem on your Plant Buddy. 


Then, complete any of the following activities to grow your beautiful Happy Plant Buddy:


Draw a leaf on your Buddy when you:

Drink a glass of water

Eat some nourishing food

Take a break - from work or whatever you need a little break from!

Breathe in some fresh air

Go for a walk or get some exercise

Sleep 7-8 hours


Draw a flower or a berry on your Buddy when you:

Listen to that song you love

Make or create something

Take some time to do something you enjoy

Make a choice that you feel good about

Notice something you like about yourself


 Draw a butterfly, a bee, or another friend for your Buddy when you:

Snuggle a pet (or a favorite person!)

Talk about your day with someone

Treat someone else with respect

Notice that someone treated you with respect

Treat yourself with respect

If you feel inspired, share your plant buddy on social media and encourage your friends to take the challenge too!  Tag photos #KodiakChoosesRespect and #HealthyKodiak

Contest Rules

Entries will be accepted from March 21 - March 31, 2022.

  • You may submit one entry per person per day.

  • Entry must include name and contact information.

  • For paper submissions, drop a copy at KWRCC located at 422 Hillside Drive.

Each entry will be placed in a drawing on April 1, 2022, for one of three grand prize packages.

Winners will be contacted by the information provided in the submission.

Questions or problems with your submission? 


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