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Presentation & Class Schedule

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Classes are Free
No Pre-Registration Required

Room A

Creamy Waves

Back Health

10:30 AM

Rachel Jermann, PT, DPT

Learn how to prevent and alleviate your back pain symptoms so you can get back what you love most!

Kundalini Yoga Breathing

Meditation & Breathing

12:00 PM

Hana Reyes, NASM CPT

Certified Yoga Instructor

Learn to use the breath to relax, focus and bring health and vitality in your life.

Purple Skies

Room B

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Youth Prep Class

12:00 PM

Natasha Kutchick, Exercise Specialist

For Kids already enrolled in the

12-Week Challenge.

Room C

Vegetable dressings.webp

Healthy Salads & Dressings

11:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 1:00 PM

Gayla Pedersen

Learn how to make homemade dressings and

get creative with your salads.

Room C

Pilates Practice

Booty Builder Exercise Class

10:30 AM

Natasha Kutchick, Exercise Specialist

This class is strategically engineered to lift and shape your glutes, build strength and definition, and get stronger in your core. 

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